Suddenly, Red Riding Hood

Really, I started out 2017 thinking there would be No New Dolls-- and of course that is now totally all out the window. I have loved Red (who in her factory state has BUNNEH EARS AND FEETS) since she was introduced, but she doesn't fit neatly into either the 18th century crowd or the Gods and Monsters and Aliens crowd either. She's just extremely pretty and beautifully made up. But then Jo was cleaning out some drawers and doll things, including those Iplehouse heads, and asked me if I thought the price she wanted to get for Red was reasonable. Instead of being an adult and saying just  "yes", I said "What is your PayPal I will send you money right now". In my defense it was a VERY good price because she has some rough edges that need fixing up--all minor though. Red is still practically a gift doll, and I will enjoy fixing her up. Mostly it is her shoulders:

My Garnet has the same damage; so either it was a bad batch at the factory or we are putting arm ratchets in upside down--it only just occurred to me today that might be the problem. She needs her body blushing renewed, to borrow some heel feet (I have extras), and some pink squishy eyes in 14mm. I like the Souldoll eyes she came with, but they are a little dark for photos. I also need to decide what era she belongs in before I start her clothes...maybe 1600?

I think I will make her fabric wrist covers--she doesn't have her "C" covers but I would just lose them anyway, and I think fabric ones would be less likely to fall out.

I was interested to see she isn't a faceplate doll like Gneiss, but a hook-and headcap doll. I need to look and see if she has a spot for a tail magnet. :D

Edit: Yes!! She HAS A TAIL MAGNET. And ear magnets too!