Redoing Bliss

She is an Iplehouse Bliss that I have had for a year or so--she is NS, not Peach Gold--it's just the light. She had a sort of purple gothy faceup that I decided I just didn't like, so I took it off and started a bit of a new one before it got too dark to see or spray any more (I have to work on the unheated porch, and while the temperature was fine today, the sun still goes down pretty early.) Anyway, you can see Bliss blank here. She's really cute! I hope the next faceup I do comes out--I never know ahead of time if it will be good or meh. Here is another photo closer to her "real" color, with an Impldoll Chapman in the back:

I need to figure out how to do nice, even strokes on eyebrows.