Prince Persimmon (Immortality of Soul A2)

Yes, there is a certificate of authenticity in there!

Like a little credit card :D

Mr. Snoot! He wears 14mm eyes, but they need to be big and flat--I finally got some squishy Sooms to fit in there.

That anime profile :D I think those are really vampire ears, but I am just saying they are "elf ears" here.

Metal plate inside head--all the newer heads have this.

He sits on the neck fine--much like on his own body--this is a New Soom Super Gem body (Brett, I think). The resin match is very close--you can't really see any difference in person.

Persimmon is not convinced he will get clothes anytime soon. He is not wrong ;)

Proportionally, he looks great on the Soom body. I can't believe how fast IOS sent him out--I wasn't expecting him for months, so it is great to have him so quickly--especially as it will be warm enough to paint him on Sunday! Woot!


  1. Congrats! he's super handsome :D! how cool to egt dolls super fast, though that always tend to caught us by surprise!! Hope you ge to paint him tomorrow, I'd love to see!

  2. Thank you! I am hoping the weather really does warm up--at the moment it's colder than they said it would be, so I am not sure if it will get warm enough for spraying, but we will see!


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