JBC Beads

So this place, JBC Beads, is actually BIGGER than this photo..there is a second room with elastic, leather, every kind of jewelry finding you can imagine, and a whole wall of Toho beads. They have the tiny Swarovksi beads I love, and in all colors. We were driving past where I thought it was, this evening around 4:30; and even though I knew they closed at 5, we decided to see if we could find the showroom. (If you want to go in person, be sure to look at the Street View google provides, because it's on a tiny street off Main street, in an anonymous building behind a strip mall.) And even when you go into the building, it's just a blank hallway with a staircase and some small hand-printed signs directing you to go downstairs. You go downstairs, to your right, and then right again; put your purse in one of the empty lockers (keep your wallet), lock the locker, take the key, hang up your coat, put your head in the showroom door and yell "Hellooo".  :D

Its probably good I had only 10 minutes to look around because it was like being in Ali Baba's cave. Yes, really.

Both J and I both bought stuff--I got some small copper beads for much less than JoAnns, some brass spacers, some crystals, a bottle of Toho beads and a Celtic "focus", and J got a bunch of elastic for fly tying. It came to around $24.00 because I didn't use my resale certificate (it's more of a hassle to fill out the tax forms later than it is just to pay it up front, IMO), but if you are willing to file your purchases later and keep track of inventory, everything is 1/2 off of the marked price. They will also sell to you retail, which I appreciated.
I suspect most of their business is online, but there is nothing like being able to go and handle stuff in person, and you save shipping.
Here are the showroom hours:
M-F 10-5pm, Saturday 12-4
1035 Havens Court (off Haven, turn off Main Street)
Downers Grove, IL 60515