A 15,000 Dollar Doll

Yes, it's a Belle Doll for Disney Japan! (It's really the Amy Ayase, who is 2 K just on her own, no frills) Here is the copy:

Super Dollfie® Graffiti Special customized model 
"Belle from Beauty and the Beast"
Prototype production:Model village
make :Ciera
Hitomi:Model Village Glass Eye: # 06 Kim Brown B Color: 18 mm
make :Model Village Airbrush Makeup Head Makeup UV Coated
wig:Belle original style
head :SD 16 girls Ami Ayase
Body:SDGraffiti Girls Body 
Pure Skin Normal Skin UV Protection Specifications 
* Body make- ups by artists are applied to wrists, upper body and so on.
Included:SDGr - H - 02 (left and right) dressing box, futon, doll stand ( dress stand , wig, movable leg parts, hair ornament, earrings *, tops, arm cover, 
long glove, skirt, pannier, shorts, pumps 
wrist Option parts: 
Wooden), Pittsu Ring (Large), One Off Model Certificate 
* Earrings are fixed to head parts and can not be removed. 
※ Roses are not included in the included
Size:Height about 60 cm
weight :Approximately 1.5 kg
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

D23 Expo Japan 2013, the first time the production has been extremely auction works, 
Disney × Super Dollfie ® collaboration model 
It is a special custom model that is only one piece in the world that Valks and Disney jointly planned and produced. 
At D23 Expo Japan 2018, "Bell" of Beauty and the Beast and 
"Ariel" of Little Mermaid 
will appear for the first time as a Super Dollfie ® collaboration model 

Super Dollfie ® is a special doll that was born in Kyoto in 1999. 
It has the loveness of dolls and the beauty of figures 
and is supported by enthusiasts around the world as a new doll culture originated in Japan 
Super Dollfie ® Details: http://www.superdollfie.net

She's cute but I am not buying her :D