Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday Picture Dump

So I keep falling asleep before I post, after being on the computer all day, making weird little objects.
But J has been busy making things, and I have taken some photos --but of things like onion rings and loaves of bread :D
Here is a lemon meringue pie:

That meringue was the best I have ever had! J also tied a bunch of flies for an upcoming fishing trip:

The cat watched the skating in the Olympics--I have no idea why:

We grew a giant icicle (now all gone entirely, I think Spring is here early)

And I worked like crazy trying to get things textures for Poser as well as learn Hex and Wings.
The plumber is paid off and the electrician came yesterday morning to fix our porch lights, so things are getting repaired. Nice weather will help a lot with the other house repair chores--I will be able to clean up outside and clean the porch as well. It's a little warmer than it was before I plugged all the holes in the porch, but aluminum windows meant a 20 degree difference from outside instead of a ten degree difference--still no fun when it's in the low teens outside.


  1. OMG - J's meringue pie..making my mouth water. Now I have to put a Lemon Meringue pie on the to do list this week. Mine might not be as lovely as J's.

    1. Having dry weather helps meringue a lot..but flat or fluffy, it's always delicious :D
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