Vigor Body Crowdfunding!

Granado has an awesome new body, less ripped than the Evol--it's currently Way Too Tall, but Granado hit on
a plan to diversify the sizes by having a sort of Kickstarter for it. Details are below. "Prize" is a typo--
it's "Price". Sooo tempting but I need a mattress first. And gutters, a cell phone and a new car.

Dear VIPs,
We received so many requests that customers want to order our Vigor body, but the size doesn't fit what they want, so we thought up this deal.
Since Vigor body is a 3D model, we can print out any size you want.
If we received at least 5 orders for 1 size, we can start making it.

Vigor body's crowdfuning works as follow:
Crowdfunding period: From 28 / 03 / 2018 to 28 / 04 / 2018

You can choose a size first, then click to order it with deposit. ($100)
When we reach 5 orders for 1 size, we will send you an E-mail to ask for the remainder.
Then you can make the full payment. (without shipping fee)
We will ask for the shipping fee by mail after we made the doll.

Different size prize is like above picture.
If we cannot reach 5 orders for 1 size before deadline, we will refund your deposit.
Thank you very much!