Dika Doll Pan

Isn't he pretty?? I had a Dikadoll years ago, a 60 cm one and while I loved his face, I wasn't crazy about his body aesthetically, though it worked perfectly well. Now Dika has an improved, taller male body (this guy is 73 cm) and I am quite impressed! Pan's fullset is glorious too:

Just so nice all around. Really great faceup too:

And he's good even blank!

Dikadolls, while not cheap, are not as expensive as Iples, you can take a look here on Alices' Collections:

I think he would be excellent with jointed hands, also from Dikadoll (listed in the sidebar of Alices' Main Page)

If I had room for him I'd totally put him on layaway. But I would have to do a major selloff to do that..which I probably should do anyway to pay for some house stuff.