Just a blast from the past...

Just Ashley, my Soom Snow white...I don't usually like gray dolls, but here I am with a three that I just love (four if you count swapping heads)--Ashley, My once-purple Migmas, Isa the second Deesse by Sicktress, and the gray Beryl. That Soom body is the perfect size and so posable with the thigh mobility joint. I have 2 covers due for Edge Tesseract, so I have to not do dolls for a couple of weeks--I realized today that I have done a LOT of covers for ET, and they are not bad! Edge has some very nice covers not by me, so I am in great company. I also found this funny filter version of a cover I did for a novella by Linda Williams (part of the Okal Rel universe), and while it looks goofy, I like the circle design of it a lot--and chewing with the filter let me concentrate on the composition rather than the details. It's easier on the eyes than squinting, too :D

Here is the final:

I should be doing more YA novels--it's kind of my natural style.