Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Random Wednesday Photos

This is where all my time has gone--look at this shiny thing :D There is even some wear on the "seat velvet", so I am learning stuff as I go along. The set is almost ready--I am doing promo renders and I have found some flaws now that I am rendering at larger sizes, but once those are fixed, the set goes to the testers-- and then hopefully on sale.

I also have fixed the washing machine. It was getting slower and slower to fill on the cold water side, and the plumber said there was a filter at the end of the hose that was probably clogged. A really simple fix--except that the plumbing in the house is so fragile any unscrewing of hoses has to be done very, very carefully (when shut off, the cold water valve on the wall leaks, and the shutoff handle is crusty with rust. If the handle broke off, it would be another call to the plumber, and all the house water would have to be shut off.) So I got the hose off, and the filter was a mess--some of the washer inside the hose had broken off, so I cleaned that up and put the hose back on, and ran the washing machine--and it worked great, aside from the fact that now the connection to the machine leaked. So we went to Home Depot, got a neoprene washer, and Very Carefully shut off the valve again, replaced the washer inside the hose, screwed it back together, and as of right now, 15 hours later, the machine runs and is not leaking. It also gets the clothes washed in under 25 minute, instead of 40.

More pix--Akutenshi found me a Monster High Lion Fish!:

I'm sad that Mattel is doing so poorly, and losing ToysRUs as a distributor probably won't help--Monster High was so fun and imaginative, you can tell that the creative team was having so much fun developing these! And of course a lionfish would have cat ears :D

I keep thinking Spring is here, and then it does this:

We don't have the snow that is going on in Philadelphia and DC though! But we do have daffodils coming up, and the little prairie buttercups are up and blooming:

And the amaryllis that I sat on last year has bloomed again. Those things are tough--I keep forgetting to water it, and it just keeps on going.

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