Snow in DC, and a Soom Wig

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it looks lovely! M sent me this photo of his backyard from last week and it looks like a postcard. I think he needs goats or sheep to add to the rustic charm.

I think I forgot to put this up--I received my Heliot wig from Soom and it's a really nice wig--to offset the cost I bought one for Cat as well. The fibers are heavier than the Kanalon that Monique uses, and I find that it tangles less. Plus I love the mixed colors--you can't see them too well here, but there are blue and purple in the black strands:

Blurry photo of the label:

Aww, those cute ears! I should take some more photos of Clyde, the Heliot that Cat sent me, he's so cute; and almost decent,  though his "sweater" needs a bit more fixing up.