Iplehouse Erica and a Car

I received her in a trade... with so much cute stuff!! She is the NYID size, the same as my Bliss, so I am hoping clothes will go twice as far. She looks adorable with cooking pots and model food so I think she will have a cooking career. It's a great excuse to make tiny food.:D

We also bought a used car today. We have managed to save enough to pay for it and not have payments hanging over our head, but we will be a bit poor for a while. A good reason to stay home and clean and fix things! When we filled out the paperwork we read, with amusement, that sales people are not allowed to call the cars "cream puffs" "cherries" or make remarks about previous owners (ours came off a rental company, apparently that was OK to tell us). Since it is a white car it was immediately "The Cream Puff." It has air conditioning and I can run the lights at night without maybe setting the car on fire--this will take some getting used to :D. Also the paint is all one color.


  1. Congratulations! Now where is the photo of that new car. :)

    1. LOL it looks like every other Nissan evar! But it is white and "very clean". After my 1990's car, it's like driving a computer instead of a car, complete with the "Welcome" screen. I figure it will be obsolete in ten years when we all have electric cars :D


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