Phoenix Doll Orla

So I have snoozed a little through a new Phoenix Doll release--this is the newest, Orla.

Here is the company info and stats for her: (Click to enlarge)

Here is the blank head:

And a couple more beauty shots:

She is shown on a Dollshe body--they are gorgeous-- but you do have to wait for them ;) I love this little company--they ship fast in beautiful boxes and the resin and the casts are beautiful.

 My Cyborg Mei has been on various bodies, and I like her on all of them; eventually I will make her a project body with sculpey additions. Right now she is just looking cute on a Mirodoll body, which except for the elbows, is a pretty decent little body:

Here is the other newish head, Liu

I have seen her blank on Den of Angels (you need to be a DoA member to see it) and it is such a wonderful, detailed sculpt!


  1. I should not look at your blog - just purchased Liu. I have been very good about not buying anything lately but love this face and the fact that it comes in (Dollshe) oriental - maybe. glad to know that you are pleased with their heads too.

    1. I love their heads--I keep telling myself I don't need a human Mei, but all the heads are gorgeous! I'd love to see Liu on a Dollshe if you get around to taking photos!

    2. I have no idea how long the wait period is? Then I have to find someone who will do the face up and have lost some of my favorite people lately. It may be awhile before I have photos. :(


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