Tiny Hand Repair

As much as I love jointed hands, I do not love restringing them. I think these are Dika Doll hands, and they were getting so floppy the fingers dangled, so I reluctantly took the most floppy hand apart.

My experience with taking other things apart was helpful--I was careful to keep the pieces separate and in order, which was good. The new elastic was actually too thick to go through the ring and pinkie fingers, so I had to redo the old elastic for those fingers. Next time I am going to find some jewelry elastic, the colorful, very thin kind they use for bracelets. Even with micro-tweezers and tiny pliers, it was a pain. I did get them tightened and back together after a struggle; so Cherry, (a Soom Garnet), can hold things again.


  1. Wow, that's painstaking work. I think the jewelry elastic idea is brilliant.

    1. I hope it will help--the hands still aren't as tight as they should be, and I have a micro elfdoll that also needs stringing. I am afraid to take her apart :o


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