Velvet Way Doll Eye Supplies

So I am really low on useful eyes. I have a lot of eyes, but they are all "the weird ones" at this point, so I needed some bjd eyes, and when I went to etsy and plugged in that search term, BOOM there was a Etsy shop selling MOLDS. Oh boy!! I have a homemade mold but it is not flexible, so it is a drag to get the sculpey back out when you press the sculpey in, even using cornstarch as the release. This mold up above is for cold cast resin, and I am ready to either go buy some resin and give it a spin, or bake sculpy using the mold to shape the eye base. Now Velvet Way also sells the other part of the set, the molds for making the cornea/iris:

I had to pay attention that I was buying a compatible iris mold to go with the base --I chose the "Medium" one which has 12mm and 14mm as part of the set, since that is what I use 90% of the time. This I really will use resin for, unless I can get my little Modge Podge Jewelry acrylic to sit and dry properly and bubble-free in the mold, which so far it has proven unwilling to do. My plan is to make the base, paint a small paper cutout and sandwich that between the base and the cap, unless it turns out to be an adhesion problem, and then I will paint directly on the base and then glue them together.
There are a lot of unknown unknowns, but since I am making them for myself and friends, a few trashed ones will be no big deal.

 When it comes I will post photos. :D