Some Eyes and the Mitsuwa Meetup

Some cool resin eyes made by Lynn Corr--these were experiments, but there will be more to follow. The gold ones are cast metal, and look very cool even without the iris inserts. I forgot my camera at the monthly Mitsuwa meetup, But Akutenshi kindly took some photos instead:

See that backpack in the middle? It was STUFFED with unbelievable, hilarious amount of tiny toys.

That wig is yarn, not alpaca--yarn that was combed and combed and combed to pull out all the loose fibers. The end result is very shiny!

This girl's outfit is so pretty--I like how shy she looks!

This is an etherial Island Doll Noah, on a tenshi body--it's a very posable body and the hands are beautiful. I also like his otherworldly eyes.

I did clean some things and ship a doll, but otherwise I wasn't too productive today.


  1. I got shushed at the library for laughing so loud at that gif. I thought only cats did that!

    1. Maybe that cutie was a cat in another life. I suppose there is fiber in it....:D


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