Impldolls New Star Body!

This body has new engineering! Look closely at the neck, and at the shoulders in the next photo:
Look at the mobility on the neck and how the shoulders can lift up! There is also a refinement of how the upper thigh joint can fit into the main thigh piece, it's a much smoother join that before:

I'm so curious to see this body in person--you can order direct from Impldoll, or though either Alice's Collections or Denver Doll. I think direct from Impl may have the fastest turnaround time, but Alice has slightly more fluent English and Denver Doll is very convenient if you are in the United States.

Speaking of Denver Doll, how about a video tour? Just a phonecam from Anne Picaro, but you can get an idea of what the store looks like and what they have. (WAY more wigs and shoes than I expected!) Seven minutes, sound is a little uneven but gets better midway.