I'm still not sure about Jessica..she's the rolling head I bought from Iplehouse. Sometimes she looks a bit Barbie to me, other times she looks interesting and cranky. And for some reason, her lipstick on camera always looks orange. Also Hermione the Delf Dreaming Moon wants his body back, so I need to do something about him...I tried sticking him back on a regular male Delf body and then realized his entire wardrobe (and tiaras) would go to waste.

PD has transformed the wave into a spectacular 3d fabric:

I need to do some fish and dragons today! (And pull more poison ivy). Benadryl gel is amazing stuff.


  1. I want some of that fabric :(

  2. Isn't that cool? I'll post up the peony fabric tomorrow, I want a bedspread of it!


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