Friday, May 25, 2012

Little red wig

I needed a wig for Gneiss when she comes, since my old Juri07A stole the one I bought for Gneiss. So I sat down and pilfered some of the "Homespun" yarn I got from Joann's. As a wig it is fine, unless you tug on the strands, and then they tend to come off entirely. On the other hand, I have a lot more yarn so I can fix it any time. I had an earnest lady in Texas ask me if I sold wigs, since she was disappointed with the quality of one she had bought off Ebay. I am sure she would be even more disappointed if I sold her one of mine, and she discovered that it was both uncombable and that the stitching looked a lot like it was an early practice piece by Dr. Frankenstein. (Here you have to picture Gene Wilder embroidering, perhaps with a small Marty Feldman trying to climb in his lap). That is pretty much how it looks around here, though Marty Feldman had better table manners than Stripey Cat does.

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