Russian Scarf

My postman was very excited to see a package from Russia; he told me that according to Post Office gossip, it's gotten "much better" to ship things back and forth now. All I know is that the scarf came faster than I have received items from Hong Kong, so I was thrilled. And the scarf is gorgeous--a crepe de chine silk that will stay tied and not slip off, and printed in glorious colors. (I need to take a better photo when the sun is out). I still need to look up the cyrillic so I can translate the artist's name, but here is the tag:
(By cheating and looking at the site I found out the artist is Clara Zinovieva, I had not realized on the tag the surname comes first)

and of course there is a list of Things That Must Not Be Mailed By Order of Postal Regulations on the mailing envelope:
I should sit down and translate it because eventually I will have to mail something back to Russia, and it is good to know the basics. I'm guessing it's "No Liquid, Hazardous or Fragile, Magnetic, or Explosive". Or Animal, probably.