Pit Bulls

See that perfect lawn? Pit bulls live there. The owner has a scrap metal business so I guess he felt the pit bulls were part of the image, but he's also a garden enthusiast. His parents come over and garden with him. Here are the dogs themselves, Sire and Sage.

Sire always has one ear askew; we try to tell him to fix it, but he just looks puzzled. They are good dogs and not yappy, but we don't stick our hands over the fence, either. The giant dog on the other side of the yard we pet all the time, even though it looks like we could saddle him up and ride him- he's got much smaller jaws.

We went house hunting. It was bogus. This playhouse looked better to me than the places we visited.

After 3 PM we gave up and went to Naperville for lunch, where we saw a mural being painted. (Naperville has lots of murals).
And finally, PD finished making my scary peony drawing into another gorgeous virtual fabric:


  1. FC, have you asked the owners if Sire and Sage are friendly? At our old house the neighbors had a wonderful pit bull - if you sat down the sweet thing wanted to curl up on your lap. Her name was Margaret - :D
    Love the tree house with the askew windows. Maybe the world would look normal out of them?

    1. Sire is friendly, and Sage is if the owner is there. I talk to her but I respect her, too--she is very protective of the property. Plus she wants to eat my push mower. :D


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