Trees in Finland and old bottles

It was hot yesterday, and the AC refused to get the house any cooler than 82 degrees F. When you get to be a certain age, being hot is a problem. I am already hot enough, thank you, and not in the pinup sense of the word. I tried bullying the AC via the thermostat, which did not work, and then I went outside today to look at the perp. I found a very small, sad little air conditioner trying to cool 2400 square feet of plywood and plastic, so I guess I can't fault the poor thing. I am going to go buy a window unit so that I can cool just the room I am in, and not the remote corners of the farmhouse. The mice can get their own AC, or go outside. I did find a very cool picture, where it is not hot. These are pine trees under snow in Finland. (Finland, by the way, is hot, in the pinup sense, the language and the landscape look awesome)

Finnish Trees Under Snow #1

Finnish Trees Under Snow#2

When I was picking up the yard earlier in the year, I found a lot of bottles. I recycled them, but Mom suggested I should have saved them for flower bed edging, and I wish I had--this is in the Children's Garden at Cantigny.

And here are some Cantigny roses:

2 megabyte original file for downloading (I needed roses just like these for a romance cover, and had to pay 5.00 for them, so you can have these free. I would still paint over them a little).

Pink Stock Roses, 2 megs

And finally a hot van, because painting flames on something always makes it look better (and keeps you from seeing any rust). It was also in the Cantigny parking lot. I sort of want one, but I think this van probably needs work.