Sleepy Head

It's another Minifee head! A minifee Sleeping Chloe. And the Miyu head Did Not Want to come off that Minifee body. I'm putting the Shushu head back on it for now, and the other two heads will just have to sulk in the box. I spent the morning doing an informal inspection of the house (insufficient foundation, septic needs pumping, roof needs bracing, probably chimney lining needed, garage door, front and back outside lights non-functional, deck steps in need of repair, deck and upper room balustrades need brackets, upstairs toilet needs replacing, carpenter ants infesting south side, water entering in north side foundation; rabbit warren, possible hornets in outbuilding, gas service needs updating, new front windows, paint, siding.)

(Not much, really.)

Then I spent the rest of the day digging a small bed by the outbuilding, and dug up what is either an old Coke bottle, or more likely a cough syrup bottle. It was like old times at the New Jersey house, which had been built on a 1890's dump. Everytime we dug in the yard we found patent medicine bottle, shoes, harnesses, and all kinds of other small items.

And finally, another sleepy face: