Saturday, May 12, 2012

Naperville at Night

We went to Kuma's for dinner; the weather was perfect and Naperville was full. We had to park down the river a couple of blocks and walk back. It looked as busy as Disneyland, but with dogs as well as small children, teens, bikers on big shiny motorcyles, and hundreds of college students roaming around with cell phones clamped to their heads or in their hands. I am always surprised how many of the shops are closed, but maybe the owners are roaming around eating gelato as well. Here's a statue outside the library honoring Dr. Seuss:
This is the view from the covered bridge across the Du Page river (the river runs right through downtown):
On the right, where you can't see it, is a giant,Olympic-sized nasty public pool full of green water and ducks. I assume it gets cleaned with a flame thrower and opened for Memorial Day; but you can't get rid of ducks.

We have a pond 2 blocks from us, and it has ducks. And dragonflies.

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