On Shipping

I looked in my email this morning and found the Notice from the Soom Emporium:

We modified with the detalis that Fishcake ordered as follow.

AIIIIEEE the magic words! Gneiss has been put either into the Bucheon, Korea Post Office bin or actually on a plane there (the EMS Korea tracking page shows a little default plane, so you can imaging Gneiss clutching a tiny boarding pass and some ginger pills, ready to look at the Skymall mag for tiny exercise equipment or Bose noise-cancelling headphones.)

Ten days. That is about how long it takes to go from Korea, through customs in Chicago, and go out for delivery. I assume we will still be here in ten days, things are not going well in either negotiations or the house itself...there is some mysterious, Lovecraft-type seepage going on above the foundation cut-out which contains the septic lines from the house, where it joins the Habitrail hookup for the washing machine and sump pit. I suspect a cracked pipe and a 10,000 dollar bill for men with hammers and shovels to come fix it, which I would pay assuming that the landlady would take it off the house price. Or fix it herself, but neither seems likely.

Though we have tendered an official offer, with our broker, the landlady is still asking us to drop the broker and sign the paperwork with the house "as is". I have not yet gotten her to understand that the mortgage company does not do "as is." Nor does the mortgage company lend without an assessment or inspections, which the landlady would also like to bypass. We look at more houses Friday, the inspector comes Saturday.

The dolls waiting for the moving truck above are from last year, and are Sirius (a Doll In Mind Special Elf head on a 72 DollZone body), Kalypso my Shushu (pre-faceup), and Small Bryan, back when he was a Delf Moon.