Tremo's Cloak

I have no clothes for the Birdman coming in August, so I thought it would be a good idea to start sewing,and use up some of the fabric that I have stored in the basement. Since I am not sure of his exact measurements, I decided to start with something that didn't need to fit, like a cloak. This is just some net cut out in a D shape and edged with a small feather boa from JoAnn's Fabrics, with some sequins and beads. I will need to line it --if Bird has no clothes, this would be a little drafty.

While I was taking this picture I put Stripey Cat outside, so she would not sit on the drape or the doll. She came in only a minute later carrying a fledgling robin. I picked up the robin and carried it back out to it's very angry robin parents, and shut the door with Stripey inside. So she went and sat on the doll instead.