Junky Spot's Freya Cat

I blame my friend Candy and the Junky Spot for my doll addiction. Emory Sung runs the Junky Spot, a virtual doll shop, out of his San Francisco home. He has a "real job" as well, but he's a brilliant doll buyer and has managed over the years to have a number of really wonderful, less-expensive and quirky offerings to put in his store. He also has supplies like eyelashes, Vallejo gloss and matte varnishes, occasionally eyes and clothes, and Obitsu parts and dolls as well as various other doll lines. A while back he added Hujoos, which are hard to describe--they are like Pullips with those big, quirky heads, and articulated bodies. They aren't something I was interested in, but now Hujoo has come out with an anthro cat I rather like. I lifted the dark grey one's photo since I liked that resin color best, but they seem to come in white as well. They are 49.95 and last time I looked Emory was charging something like 8.00 for UPS shipping, but you will have to go to www.thejunkyspot.com yourself to look and see. Emory often ships the big orders with hilariously wonderful omake (gifts). I have a doormat, a jpop cd and some underwear from him, all of which was most appreciated.


  1. how do i buy a doll it wont take me to the doll i want one like yours can you help me

    1. Go to http://junkyspot.com/obindex.html and look on the left menu where it says "Hujoo" and click on that, and then see if there are any left--if they are gone, send Emory an email on the contact page and see if he is restocking. You can also check Ebay under Dolls and Bears (type in Hujoo Freya) and see if there are any used ones for sale! Good luck!


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