The Order of the Hairclip

The admiral costume needs some kind of doodad on the left side--I'm not willing to recreate any real award, but a oak leaf from JoAnn's and a hairclip from the Icing's sale box, minus the clip (yay needle-nose pliers) looks pretty good. The plastic Pirates of the Caribbean sword is looking better too, though one of the cushions had to donate a tassel. (The cats eat the tassels off the cushions anyway.)

My problem tomorrow will be cuffs--I have the coat fabric washed and ready to cut out, but the cuffs for admirals'coats seem to be different than captains'--perhaps admirals were to be trusted not to wipe their noses on their sleeves, which is supposedly why those monster buttons are on Navy sleeves. In fact, I think the tab on the captain's cuff's below (Captain Hood) are so that the cuff can be unbuttoned and you can tuck your hands into the sleeves to keep warm. I like those tabs, so I haven't decided if I want to cut them out of the fabric or not (the pattern I am using doesn't have them).