The Caterpillar and a Little Dance

My Mom not only knits hats, scarves and gloves, she could knit a coral reef if she felt so inclined. She took pity on my lack of Caterpillar from the Alice story, and knitted me a Caterpillar (Soom never made a posable caterpillar, and I whined a lot about that.) By coincidence, I was fixing up Tanglewyn the Fairy this morning when the caterpillar box arrived; and Tangle makes a pretty good Alice for a photo op. (The doll that has been Alice here is now sharing a body with someone else and is not ready for her close-up.) I may make him little yarn hands so he can hold a teacup, too!

I also spent some time today goofing around with the new Lads body--I haven't wired or sueded him at all, and he holds poses amazingly well...and I found out one reason why:

He's got little embedded silicon beads under his chest plate! How cool is that? And yes, I did cheat a little for the one footed pose, but that is because my table is slippery and I was having trouble with his feet skidding on the flat surface, so I put down a blob from the sculpey thing that I was working on. (I boiled up a small magic item in a Goodwill pot for one minute, and the sculpey seems to have set perfectly from that.)


  1. He looks good with Tangle! Good luck with hands - crocheted ones were just too big.

    1. I discovered that I can stuff a little pillow and then couch down yarn on top of that, so it looks almost like knitting, but isn't. :D
      Thank you SO MUCH for Mr. 'Pillar!!!!


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