A Second Mr. Toad

This guy was sleeping under the pile of wood that we were storing behind the shed; there were a million ants there as well, so I suspect he could just sit there and eat. We did have to move him to get up the rest of the wood, but he didn't seem too alarmed by us--I was able to get very close to take his picture.

He has such a wonderful, lumpy texture!

Also interesting in the woodpile was an interior door that had decayed enough to fall apart so we could see what was inside. Cardboard! Not exactly a fire door:


  1. That is one seriously witchy toad. He must be a devastatingly handsome prince! Perhaps he'd co-operate for a doll photo shoot?

    I think our exterior doors here are about the same, maybe less cardboard. Everyone compensates by putting up metal security gates. O_o

    1. I can see why, the door was super thin even when it was new. The toads in the yard seem to come and go--it's been really wet so they are doing well this year, but it also means there are a million insects for us to swat when we are out gardening. But there is no telling when I will see one (usually when I don't have the camera). :D


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