Pork Roast, Tiny Shoes, and a Wing

A while back J got a Dutch Oven as a gift, and yesterday he decided to give it a try to cook a pork roast. He braised the roast, then put it for an hour in the oven, them added the potatoes and other stuff and let it go for another hour. It was perfect.

It's been a quiet week--I should be painting doll heads but there is laundry, commissions and other stuff going on, including a package from Chalyss of TINY SHOES!! OMG what a fabulous gift--NO ONE wants to part with shoes, ever, and I happen to know this style of Mimiwoo shoes fits super gem girls perfectly. :D

I also poked a bit at Iris' wig--it's roving and I find I love to braid it, though I have no clue how to attach it without stitching lines, short of glueing it. I should probably weft it instead of just tacking it down directly. Here it is so far:

I also have some Nephelin wings I am trying to fix up, as part of the "catch up with the dolly backlog while I can", here's just a start, a sketch of sort of a steampunk design. I'm thinking maybe of digging out Tesla and seeing if I can graft these on somehow.

Tesla could also use some body paint. And clothes, now that I have a ton of tumblr reference for 1880.