So it was really stormy last night, complete with tornado warnings and the usual lighting tantrums that seem to come with storms here. We had one strike that sounded really close to the house (where you can actually hear the sizzle and the displaced air) but I looked out at our trees and didn't see anything. Then this morning I saw my neighbor out in back taking photos of their house and I was like..hmm. This is what she was photographing:

She said the hole was tiny because the multiple smaller branches kept the trunk off the roof, but today they are chainsawing it up so they can slide it off the roof, and more rain is on the way.

The cat, being bored and a little stressed out, brought in a friend to play with-- a very large chipmunk.

(It's behind the tupperware here). This is the chipmunk--you will just have to take my word for it:

The havahart trap is once more set in the hall.

10 PM that evening, the chipmunk is on his way out at last, after peeing in the closet.