Tiny Shirt, Flowers, Robins Egg and Velcro

I sewed up a shirt for a Delf sized doll yesterday--I tried it on the Souldoll body; and it's a little too boxy and the bust points are too low for Tanglewyn, so I will have to adjust the pattern. I did use the coolest thing ever to fasten doll clothes, and that is these little 1/4 inch velcro dots--they are fairly slim and hold well, though I think they are probably not very washable.

I also did a lot of yard work--we are getting the first of the gladiolas:

and I found an abandoned robin's eggshell:

And speaking of birds, I found out that people are serious about hummingbird feeders and food around here--these were under lock and key at Jewel-Osco.

Maybe the hummingbird food is habit forming...?