Pergola Removal and Mecha Angel Height

So J managed to pull down most of the rotten bits of the pergola, and it makes the kitchen very bright..I think we will replace it but there are some things like getting a saw, upgrading the electric to run the saw, taking out the fireplace in order to upgrade the electric, and so on. So I suspect the pergola will be absent until at least next year. Here is a random view of the side of the back yard:

The mulleins look awesome, and they were free :D. Here is the can, now full of pergola, tile, carpet, a door of Tony's and some mystery stuff from neighbors Rob and Ed. We managed to fill it pretty well.

And now Chalyss wanted to see some photos of possible Simply Divine Harlequin bodies--since I liked Harlequin best on the Mecha Angel body, I put Aelfric next to an Iplehouse EID girl so Chalyss could see the height difference. Mecha Angels have super long legs:

Sitting down, however, the height difference is much smaller:

This photo was using the mirror trick, where you put a mirror under the flash to direct the light to the ceiling instead of what is directly in front of the camera--it works surprisingly well, though I could use a thinner mirror to make a better reflection on the ceiling. (The mirror that I used has a thick frame).