Iris in Sophie's Yukata

Iris is another doll I have been meaning to fix up; I started on a wig for her today between other projects, so it's still very WIP. But the Sewing Box Designs yukata is glorious--it actually belongs to another doll, but Iris was out and available to try it on. (Iris has a somewhat unsatisfactory Peakswood body, but it has the advantage of being here and the Iris head fits ok).


  1. I'd heard a lot of good about Peakswood, I'm surprised. I'm glad you like the kimono! ^_^

    1. The Peakswood body poses well, but the fingers and toes were never cleaned up and sanded very well--I thought maybe it was just this body, but then I saw one on Den of Angels that had similarly "unfinished" fingers and that was disappointing. I can ignore some seam lines but I am fussy about hands and feet.


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