A Low-Poly Coffee Shop

I really like this coffee shop, in spite of that pink back wall and somewhat disturbing plant painting under it--it renders really fast since the textures are on small files. It's by VanishingPoint on Renderosity, and was on sale yesterday for less than 6.00 USD. The poles that support the ceiling look odd because I made the ceiling invisible, which both lets in a lot more light, and also means I could use this high camera angle; each item you see in the cafe is actually a separate little file-- so things can be moved, hidden or re-textured as needed...and they are labelled so you can tell what they are! I made the mistake in the last, more polished Daz Studio coffee shop of deleting the ceiling, and there was no extra file that you can click on to replace it. So I had to find a box and push it up on the ceiling so it wouldn't look weird.

In this model, I can hide or move stuff as I need to. I do need to scale my people up 15%. Compared to the rest of the digital world, Poser people are tiny, so imported models often come into Poser ridiculously huge. I was working last week on a image with HiveWire's Dawn, and I imported an old Emperor Ken songbird. I didn't see any change until I pulled back the camera, and there at knee height was a flying 2 meter Songbird. (J was looking over my shoulder and said "That is one of them there riding songbirds.") The Songbird and all of EmpKen's old figures look great in the new Poser renderer, because they are basically just maps, no math, so the new renderer does a fine job on them. If you are using Dawn I have a free Poser 11 mat pose utility in the renderosity Freestuff for Dawn's mats, so you can reset the maps to work in Superfly. (Otherwise she looks like an ebony statue.)