Iplehouse FID Event

I hadn't been paying attention to Iplehouse this month, but they are having a Fashion Iplehouse Doll Event with Bianca, Mari, Claude and that hottie, Leonard. I haven't been online a lot anyway, between Christmas prep, and trying to get Windows 10 under control on the new machine (yesterday Microsoft decided to update the whole OS, so there was a 2 hour download followed by a lot of fiddling, and I had to reinstall some of my things as well.) I don't collect this size, which is a pity-- as not only are they more affordable; somehow Claude and Mari look so much more charming in the small size, though the molds are virtually identical to the larger size. (I think they are digitally resized from the originals). I love Bianca; she looks so much better in person than she does in photos--much less droopy and sad, and more curious and alert. The dress she is wearing is for sale, as well as all the ornaments; there is a shorter black version as well.
Here's that scamp Leonard:

You have until New Year's Day to order!