Monday, December 26, 2016

The Return of Shiva

Yes, she is back at Souldoll and if you are brave, you can order her with the 4 arms instead of the default two--AND she comes in novelty blue and saffron orange. I'm interested in the saffron-- but I would need to see it cast up before I would commit 900.00(which includes the helmet, wig and makeup and 4 arms) to a doll. On the other hand, Souldoll has made the deal even sweeter by offering most of the older Zenith heads as options, including the beautiful Chantal 1. Here is the option list:

(Click to enlarge) So you can get your Swinte or Jina or Uha in a fun color with 4 arms, if you so desire. You can get the signature helmet, but only in white resin. I really am out of room, or I would put her on layaway--I love those extra arms, but she would need her own space to sit it and I don't have it. Ideally she should have a freestanding case with a low UV light. There doesn't seem to be a option to buy the outfit, but I haven't really had time to search around the site--it might be there, just on another page.
(Here's Chantal1)

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