Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trouble at the Gallery

"Weren't there TWO red delivery vans?"

I got nuthin' today but a render of Fireangel's cars--I had to think of a way to show a lot of the different paint jobs and still fit them in one render. Unfortunately my computer decided that 30 cars was the limit and shut Poser, so I ended up doing a couple of layers to render them, rendering them alone on a transparent layer and then stacking them on the background image.

 Once I had a Poser Mouse, but I have no idea where the disk is now besides "In the box with around 900 other data disks", so I just painted the two mice. The people are both gypsyangel's characters, from That jacket did not help the rendering process--that thing has over 100 megabytes in it; dear Lord why? I am fast becoming part of the "Low-Poly Fandom".

Besides, look how cute this is:

(George Will More)

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