Monday, December 5, 2016

Virtual Coffee Shop

So I bought this coffeeshop, because I had a coupon and I don't have that many little stage/building props that are "normal" (I probably have every gothic ruin that has ever been made, and a few Greek and Aztec ones) But sometimes you need a modern setting, and here was this cheap and sleek looking coffeeshop. It turns out that it needed a bit of fixing up--there were lights, but there were no settings to make the lights glow (that I could find), and the tiles and textures weren't really optimized for the render engine I was using. So I set to work installing lights, cleaning up the counters, and generally making it look more inviting. It was a good way to learn how to apply textures in Daz Studio, too. (You see how I justify procrastinating) Here is the other side of the original shop after I got a couple of lights installed:

It's just..dark. You can see where I have managed to line up two spotlights with some of the lights, but since I am still not fast at moving objects around, it was a challenge. I ended up creating an extra camera so I could look down the length of the glass lights and see where I was putting the actual lights. In poser you can click on the location of the light bulb, create a light, and then type in the same coordinates for x, y and z and poof! The light pops right into the place you told it to go, For some reason this was not working in Daz Studio, and I am not sure why yet. Anyway, after some time, I got the bulbs all lit. I also redid the floor, because the tiles looked like counter tile made large, and it was bumpy. so I stole a wood texture from a tabletop and put it on the floor and made it glossy:

I also found where I could recolor some of the cups. I also didn't much like the art on the wall, so I swapped that out with images I had in my files:

I put a forest in the back and an agapanthus in a pot (I thought I had some ivy in a pot, but it turned out to be attached to the prop wall I bought it with, so I left it alone and brought in the lily instead). Here's the front with a street view and red cups, and a new tile surface:

The tip jar needs to be clear and have money in it. I'm just afraid to add a barista, because after adding all those lights and extra props I am not sure I can load a polygon and memory-intensive "person" in there. I'm going to have to render any people in a separate file and put them in like paper dolls :D If I get a new computer with more memory, I might make more props for it that I can move around--a wastebasket, trash, a cuter font for the chalkboard, signs for the walls...maybe a cat or two.  Right now I have a Poser Python... and that isn't too cuddly. He is low-poly, though!
I actually put him in and tried to render the scene again-- and he pushes the memory count just over the limit, so unless I remove a light or two, this is how he will look:


  1. cool set. 2nd render makes me think Nighthawks... very interesting to read about your DAZ studio process. I've only tried the very first version and poser just seemed more... intuitive? some of the renders on DAZ tho these days are amazing.

    love the squirrel home description - so smart!

    1. Daz Studio is so much better now--it looks more professional and it handles large files better than Poser long as you don't want to render them in the Iray renderer :D I still love Poser, I prefer how it does materials, but the latest build is wonky, it has some bad habits that I haven't seen since Poser6. I'm hoping the next version is more stable. I like having them both, to be honest! And thank you too!


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