Friday, December 2, 2016


This guy came to see why the nuts were late for just like feeding the cat, I got up, got the nuts, opened the door, and tossed them out under his tree. I think he missed eating all of them, though; because around 9:00 PM the skunk came out from under the shed and walked around to the squirrel tree. I have a photo, but it's just the rear end of the skunk and it is about the same quality you would expect of a sasquatch photo:

The skunk is pretty much the size of the cat, but maybe fatter. (We have had leftover thanksgiving treats in the compost lately). We have possums too, but they are hard to get a good photo of since they are very shy. The raccoons stroll out whenever they feel like it, as do the groundhogs.

Meanwhile I have been having fun testing and rendering some low-poly future vehicles, "Future Traffic" by Fireangel on


  1. lucky squirrels! been noticing in your pics how well prepared for winter they seem to be compared to the occasional ones I see in my hood. with the coming week's weather, someone needs to give them direction to your yard quick! (the one sleeping is VERY cute. glad no one got eaten.) meanwhile, CONGRATS on Canary! Looking forward to seeing pics!

    1. The ones around here get plenty of natural food and they seem really good at building those nests! The inside of the tree is all lined with fluff and leaves, and when it gets really cold they block the "door" with more leaves. As long as they avoid the hawks and coyotes, they will go up to four years it seems, just from keeping an eye on the ones in my yard. Thanks for the congrats! I have a doll delivery to look for in the spring, which is so fun!


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