While this was a gag gift from my relatives, it might be my favorite present of the year--they are from Archie Mc Phee, peddler of goofy items since forever, and they came with a cute box AND a bacon patch. I have a jacket the patch can go on, too:

Here they are, in what I thought would be their most-used form--under gloves :

Because this was today's high, I was SUPER GLAD to have them!

It turns out they are great for sitting and typing at the keyboard too (Night Blogging, as the illo shows). I did turn them inside out to get a little more room, since I have big hands. I think manufacturers in China don't really have a grasp of how big Americans are--they look at the stats and say "No way, that has to be a mistake." No, really, we are a large people. :D

 So thank you, you crazy guys! <3

(It's so cold that J brought in the sensor from the Saw Stop to "warm up"--the saw won't start when it's too cold, around 12F and under. Since the shop isn't heated, I think it's Natures way of telling J to stay inside.)