Yes, Granado has a new guy, Raguel. He reminds me of Jaden; I have been careful not to visit the Granado site for a while because I am not supposed to buy anyone :D He has jointed hands as an option, and I think you can get him on the Evol or the smoother Embody body..but like I said I haven't looked too hard at him. If you visit the site, they are also discontinuing Charles; so if Charles has been on your wishlist now is the time to get him!


  1. I weakened and purchased the head with the oriental look. It will go on my Mars body - I can either have a black fellow or an oriental fellow but not both. I also purchased the jointed hands for my tan body - hope they match as I purchased the darker tan body. I told Ikaru and she promised me they can match it. Fingers crossed.

    1. It should be a good fit--I liked Jaden and I would have kept him, but his head was too large for the Lads body and the Nuevo, which would have been perfect, was discontinued. Hands are easy to blush--and I love the jointed hands so much! The new ones look even better! Congratulations!


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