Yes, It's Groundhog Day!

(Image from the Chicago Tribune) ...and yes, he saw his shadow. So far it's been an unusually warm winter so I can't really complain, though I would like to get started with gardening in about a month--probably inside on the porch to start seeds.
Unflattering groundhog photo:

("WTF is going on", says the 'hog. "I wuz sleeping")


  1. Omg, The groundhog is so cute! I only knew this day from the awesome movie, is it widely observed?

    1. Everyone checks the paper or the Internet to see what Phil shadow says, and cheers or complains :D But that is about all the day consists of as far as I know! Mostly it just means the worst of over--though the biggest snowstorm I ever saw (One meter of snow) was on March 9th in the 1990's. I had just planted all kinds of plants--oddly, they all did just fine even after being buried in snow for a week!


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