B'sue Boutiques

Souldoll likes to incorporate brass stampings into their doll clothes, and I was interested in trying something similar--but I was having trouble finding nice new stampings to experiment with. But there are some fun ones at B'sue Boutiques:

The selection isn't huge but it is nice, and there are a lot of other fun things on the site as well, including some instructional videos:

I'm thinking that if you lived somewhere that didn't have a supplier for findings or Modge Podge or resin nearby, this might be a good place to order from. (I haven't tried it yet myself, so I have no idea how the customer service is.) But it looks interesting!


  1. have you looked on aliexpress for them? while shipping may take longer, they cost so much less... e.g. I got some steampunk mock watch part variety 100 for under $4. but yeah Souldoll makes some wonderful clothing. (speaking of, the outfit you made porcelain doll was awesome. so great you're sending her off redressed. :))

    1. I haven't because I can often find things closer to home and it makes for quicker shipping--but I might look and see what is there. I have gotten stuff through Etsy that started at aliexpress and it was decent quality.


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