Saturday, June 10, 2017

Only You Can Prevent Mulch Fires

J and I went to the post office to mail a body to Sicktress (which sounds odd) and the mulch by the drop boxes was on fire, possibly from someone tossing a ciggy into the dry mulch. It's been hot and dry for the last couple of weeks, and new mulch makes a great pile of tinder--it even can combust on it's own if the weather is hot and the mulch is damp. J went off to tell someone that things were "en fuego" while I mailed my boxes, and a few minutes later up came a shiny truck and they hopped out with tools and took care of it. They said it was the second fire of the day.

We also went to J.C. Pennys, which is closing (sad face). It's not a mall store but a standalone so I was hoping they would keep it. But we went in and while the clothes were pretty much the same price as always, I got some really nice curtains half price. All the mannequins were on sale for between 100-300 dollars and it was SO HARD not to buy one, but I really have no room and J said it would really ramp up the creepy factor in the living room. But look how cool they are!

Jointy hands!!

So many!

They also had racks for sale, but not just the "straight line" wheely ones I like.


  1. I would've bought one!! XD I got one once from a photo studio job I had many moons ago. It holds my kendo armor now!!

    1. That is a perfect thing to use them for! I thought about using it for a dress mannequin but I don't sew human clothes often enough to make it worth while. I think. :D

  2. that's a lot of mannequins! I got some when Carson's downtown closed. kinda regretted getting them some days and not getting more others but then what do I do with them? :P (did use 2 in an installation)

    1. I think they are so cool--but it is like storing 1:1 dolls and unless you have a storage unit it just is another thing to move around when you vaccuum!


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