The Porcelain Doll

This was the doll I pulled the fairy costume off of--I am going to return her to the thrift store, but I didn't want to drop her back in all sad and naked, so I made her an outfit from some of the piles of scraps here--I wish I had more narrow orange ribbon, because that would look better with the skirt band. Originally the bodice was going to be orange with the floral lining, but  I decided the floral side looked better. The sleeves are a cheat--they are hemmed and then stitched to the bodice so they won't catch on the doll's fingers.

The hat was a straw blank that I got a couple of years ago in a bundle from the doll show. It was fast and easy to decorate:

She has a winding stem for her built in music box (so odd)

(She plays "A Whole New World") :o

She has shoes and her original drawers and net petticoat, since I didn't care for those. Here she is all ready for her next someone else's house :D

I just wish I had been able to get the box lid! But at least this will keep her hat on and her stand and shoes with her.