The first echinacea is open! I have a lot of sunflowers, too--thanks to both my brother, and the birds, but they probably won't flower until August. Meanwhile I have black raspberries from the box I planted last year from Target, when a batch got moldy in the fridge:

And I have a ton of daylilies:

And a cat and daylilies:

It was gorgeous this morning so I went to Home Depot and bought a can of stain for the back gate, and then of course it absolutely poured all afternoon, and then it was gorgeous this evening, so we went to Naperville for dinner. They had some fun public art set up--benches made to look like favorite kid books! There were a lot of them but I just took photos of three of them:

We walked up the river to the Millenium tower--it's Tuesday so the carillon was playing, like a giant music box:

Then we had a really nice dinner. Summer is just way too short here, but it is also not very hot, which is great.
In doll news, I sold that Granado Maiden body, and I am working on selling this Impldoll Karena on a Mirodoll body. I"m trying to get everyone in one storage area!