Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Amazing Quilt!

Rajendora (Sewing Box Designs) sent me this amazing quilt!!! It's actually for Captain Aldwood, so I had it "delivered" by Camigwen, the Messenger of the Fae Court.

So much detail! All hand-embroidered 0.0 Camigwen points out the peacock on one corner, for India. (Aldwood was there as a midshipman, and actually missed most of it as he came down with some kind of stomach ailment, alas). Behold the beautiful compass roses!

The African plains are represented:

And of course a lion. Aldwood has only seen them in the mountains of Algeria, not in the central part of the continent:

There is a leopard, which delights Aldwood as it reminds him of his Boatswain, Consuelo, who is a species of Panthera fae and one of his closest friends:

Ayers Rock, which Aldwood has not seen, though he has been to the north coast of Australia and admired the great number of colorful fish there.

 And he has been to Stonehenge on holiday:

And the Arctic, which Aldwood admits was his least favorite voyage. Luckily he spends most of his time in the Mediterranean now :D Camigwen is a little envious of this beautiful piece of art.

And Captain Aldwood sends his profound thanks for this wonderful (and practical) gift! <3

("I am smiling!")

The Quilt's finished size is about 22 and one half inches by 30 inches, and is wonderfully soft--the back has a ticking print flannel that is soft and warm.

I might have to make Camigwen a cloak to make up for her lack of any bedding :D


  1. Did I send that comment? or did this thing time out? delet thie one if it showed up, and I fix it tomarrow.

    1. I got this one! I was off the computer all day, installing a recycled door with Jon. Less bugs can visit me on the porch now :D

  2. My tablet does not mesh well with Blogger. And the Library WIFI has been upgraded so much, it's now almost unusable. Cuts me off mid everything.
    I will be delighted to sort through and send you all the stuff I can part with. My goal is to cut it down to the projects I know I will make and toss all the rest your way.

    1. That sounds awesome! Don't forget to charge me for the postage, too!

    2. It's going to take a while, because the heat is awful again and the storage unit is an oven by the time they open at 7 am. But yeah, must let go. (inner seamster screaming NOOOO!) but yeah. Dragons and stitchers, we both hoard our stuff. Sanity says room for MOAR! later. I think Sanity has lost it.

    3. LOL! No hurry since I am doing house painting during the hot months and I won't get to sewing until fall at the earliest...and yes, I hoard fabric too :D


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