Two Iplehouse Girls and an Amaryllis

I have a Tokyo Asa from 2013, and I thought it would be fun to compare it with the old YID body from around 2010 or so, before they made the switch to the New Young Iplehouse Doll in 2012 (The dates are approximate, for some reason Iplehouse pulled off the order period information on their website, argh.) Asa is on an "old EID" body with the original joints, and a Medium bust. Compared to the YID body she is SO HEAVY. The Yid is very light and while the joints are basic, she is still a nice poser and a pretty sculpt. I like that you can see that they are from the same "house" in style. I think the YID will hold my Sidonia head, but I haven't decided yet--I may put my original Gitana head on there instead.

And randomly, the amaryllis I sat on last year is blooming again--I guess it forgave me :D
3 day time lapse: